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Video Capture makes it easy to create and attach a 60 second video resume to your very own customized profile.
Online Interviews are done from the comfort of your home so you’re more relaxed and able to focus on what’s important, like finding a perfect job.
Online Interviews save employers valuable time and money allowing them to focus on finding the right person to help their business grow.
Promoting yourself or business by using Personal Invitations that invite people to view your Public Bulletin Board will take social networking to a whole new level.

LiveRes works for Individuals

Start marketing yourself with the help of your very own personalized LiveRes video resume. LiveRes will showcase your best assets and qualifications by placing your profile in front of employers who are looking to hire the right person for top companies in hundreds of businesses and industries. Let that perfect job or career find you with the help of LiveRes.   (video)

LiveRes works for Businesses

Stop wasting countless hours of valuable time and let LiveRes connect you with qualified individuals who will meet or exceed your expectations in seconds. All with minimal effort and with maximum results. View a qualified individual's profile, resume, and even meet them before you actually meet them by viewing their personalized LiveRes video resume.    (video)

LiveRes works for Everyone

Whether you're a student, an entertainer, a sub-contractor, or self-employed, LiveRes provides anyone for any reason, a fast and easy way to make themselves known. You can create your very own introduction video, notices, advertisements, and much more. Then post them on your Interactive Public Board and instantly send invitations to view them.   (video)